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We’ve just come off of yet another Hallmark greeting card and the mushy love-fest known as “Valentine’s Day.” Honestly, I am completely content NOT getting gifts or showers of love and affection from my hubs on this glorious and sickening occasion. In fact, I practically exonerate him from bestowing on me candy that will only increase my waistline, grant him clemency from sending delivery people to my workplace or home with flowers that, although they are beautiful, will die before I get the opportunity to fully embrace their fragrance and bloom. In other words . . .

I let my dude off the hook.

Oh, it’s not that I don’t enjoy those gifts, or even just a simple card or love note.

But let’s get real, shall we?

If you get those flowers, etc delivered or sent to you on the SAME day as EVERYONE else is–is it really THAT special…

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operation: rescue me


My family didn’t take tons of vacations growing up. It’s quite likely that’s why my husband and I try to take a week for spring break and a week for summer vacation to give our kids that time away from home and those day-to-day surroundings to spend time with them without the hassle of our “regular” jobs interfering. (Plus, those times are *great* bonding times . . . uh huh–ok, seriously, our vacations are always wrought with detailed stories of what went wrong so we can share with our friends and family back home. Makes for great sit-com material!)

But I digress. As a young girl, I recall several small trips to amusement parks and stays in hotels, and while those memories are hazy at times, there was one particular trip I have remembered this week over others.

I don’t recall how old I was, although I asked my family…

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The crisp air surrounded her, capturing her very being.  Trapped in the tundra of her cold, empty space of existence, she shuttered and chattered there in the open field, the remote woods seemingly miles away from her gaze.  No one would come to get her.  No one would even know she was there alone, so isolated; her rescue was unforeseeable.  Her limbs trembled as she stumbled over the rocky earth beneath her footsteps; her eyes grew weary and began to slowly close with exhaustion.  She couldn’t take one more step toward the wooded space of protection.
winter2.jpgKnees buckled as she collapsed there, the wind scraping against her once-upon-a-time pure princess flesh.  The lines on her face now showed the hard rough edges that she had endured through the barrenness of her life.  Lips cracked and torn like paper, her mouth longed to find refreshment and nourishment.  The feeling had long…

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Dear Susie from Al-Anon…

personalboundaries2Dear Susie,

It’s been almost a week since the incident in our Al-Anon group.  I’ve spent many hours praying, meditating and tapping to relieve myself of the trauma caused by your actions during our weekly meeting.  It’s important for my own recovery that I become extremely clear on my thinking surrounding this incident as well as the motivation that prompts me to speak up.  I’ve been haunted by the occurrence and my resulting reactions.  Knowing myself well as I do, I work hard to clear these issues before speaking.  It has been and will continue to be the best approach for me, to think before I speak.

But now, at this moment, I’m crystal clear on most of my emotions surrounding this and am ready to speak.

(In accordance to Al-Anon protocol, the members in this story remain confidential.  I only identify them by first name and do not reveal…

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Getting Over A Narcissist By Dissolving The Stranglehold of Cognitive Dissonance

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I bet you have asked yourself this question at least ahundred times, “why is it so hard to get over the narcissist in my life?” It probably doesn’t make much sense to you why you’re struggling so hard to move on from someonewhose rap sheet ofwrongdoings toward you is a mile long. It should be easy to let go of someone who has caused you so much pain… right? Well, not really when you understand the interplay of factors that contribute to the concept of cognitive dissonance.

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The Timing And Motivation Behind Why Most Narcissists Discard Their Partners

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Why do narcissists seem to pick the worst possible times to discard their partners? Are they really that cold-blooded that they not only break-up with you, but also plan to do it at a time that would add insult to injury? What would motivate a narcissist to hurt someone they professed to love so much in such a heartless and brutal manner?

I have heard many stories of narcissists dumping their partners right before a major holiday, or on their partner’s birthday, or after their partner shared something very personal. I’ve also heard of narcissists ending relationships right before a special planned event, or when their partner was down on their luck, grieving the loss of a loved one or even diagnosed with a serious illness. The list of heartless, cold and calculating ways that narcissists end relationships continues on and on.

It is not your imagination. Indeed, it is…

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