Think Body Image Isn’t A Big Problem? Think Again.


Admit it, when you’re at the store and waiting in the line, you look at the magazines while waiting your turn. You look at the beautiful, talented, famous people plastered on the pages and in your mind you start thinking about your body, looks, and how people see you and most importantly how you see yourself. While some can put the magazine down and go back to normal life, others began to obsess over every feature of their body and wish they looked that perfect. They look in the mirror and only see flaws, ugliness, imperfections etc. that make them feel lower than anything in the world. They become self-critical of every part of their body, when in reality there is nothing wrong with them. They start to pay more attention to every detail of their body, becoming obsessed with become perfect. Sayings like “You’re perfect the way you are”…

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