secrets and truths


At the beginning of my therapy, I was asked, “What do you like about yourself?” That. Was. Laughable. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” I told her. That was a year and a half ago that I was asked, but in all honesty, I could’ve been asked the same question at any point in my growing up and I would’ve probably said the same thing. I have never thought of myself as attractive or talented or highly intelligent, and to that day of the posed question, that self-image followed me from childhood into current stage of adulthood.

Can I be Real with You? (3 secrets . . .)secrets.jpg

In case you haven’t climbed the high walls with barbed wire on top to jump down into the field of my life to see the real me, can I be vulnerable and share a bit about myself? (If for no other reason, for this post; it…

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