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My family didn’t take tons of vacations growing up. It’s quite likely that’s why my husband and I try to take a week for spring break and a week for summer vacation to give our kids that time away from home and those day-to-day surroundings to spend time with them without the hassle of our “regular” jobs interfering. (Plus, those times are *great* bonding times . . . uh huh–ok, seriously, our vacations are always wrought with detailed stories of what went wrong so we can share with our friends and family back home. Makes for great sit-com material!)

But I digress. As a young girl, I recall several small trips to amusement parks and stays in hotels, and while those memories are hazy at times, there was one particular trip I have remembered this week over others.

I don’t recall how old I was, although I asked my family…

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