This is a blog about abuse, at the hands of wealthy parents and the lengths they will go to cover up the truth.

Martha Stephenson

Martha Lafon Stephenson and her late husband Bob Stephenson, former senior vice president and group executive of IBM engaged in a pattern of abuse against their children and then covered it up so their society friends at the Naples Yacht Club would not find out.

I will name names and describe incidents of horror with third parties present. You will learn about the time my 9 year old sister tried to hang herself in the garage as Bob and Martha drove away laughing. You will learn about the time all of the telephones had the microphones removed so we could answer the phone and hear the caller, but they could not hear us. You will learn about holes put through walls in restaurants. You will learn about his use of guns and threats of blowing up the house. You will learn that Martha had no courage to stand up to…

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