There’s a new Boss Lady in town

The True You Project

For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve heard myself say out loud to at least 3 people in my life: I am craving space. I just want to go away somewhere.

Under normal circumstances, this might not be a big deal. Book a weekend away, plan a holiday, unplug the internet for a few days. Except that this urge came at the most inopportune time because 4 weeks ago, my month of June looked like this:

  1. Launch the 5 day True You Treasure Hunt, in anticipation for…
  2. The delivery of Your True You Journey, an 8 week downloadable guide to finding who you are while solving a problem in your life.
  3. Start a group program simultaneously that takes 6 women on their True You Journey together.
  4. Find another 6 women that felt called to attend the ‘Freedom in Faith’ retreat that I wanted to do this July.
  5. Update the…

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