101 Reasons the Adult Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse should SPEAK UP today!

Survivor Today Magazine

1. Because Adults Survivors should not have to get through the trauma alone.
2. Survivors deserve support.
3. Adult Survivors of CSA are at risk for suicide – speaking up could save your life or even someone elses.
4. Reporting abuse could stop the abuser from abusing another child.
5. Tommorow is not promised.
6. When we are quiet about abuse we give the impression that abuse is not important – when we speak up we let others know that we have rights and deserve treatment.
7. To be free to live life on your own terms.
8. Because it is the right thing to do.
9. To get help for depression.
10. To allow other Survivors to help us.
11. Our country’s legal system owes the community to protect us from predators.
12. Children deserve to be safe in their homes.
13. Parents need resources to help deal with…

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